Sous Vide

Sous Vide System™ 
Vacuum cooking is a method of cooking, in which food is vacuum sealed plastic packaging bags,
then cooked at moderate temperatures, 
In a precisely controlled water bath. Compared to other
cooking methods, vacuum cooking provides more control and allows perfect, 
Repeatable results.
The method is simple and easy to learn, spend a lot of the stress of cooking.
Food can be cooked a perfect level for a longer time than usual to allow.

Vacuum cooking benefits include:
1. accurately cooked food and exquisite
2. by eliminating the short window of time perfectly cooked low-stress cooking
3. guests can prepare ahead of time, and still taste delicious, even days later
4. from the more stringent cuts in less-expensive services and delicious, delicate and moist cut

The vacuum cooking recipe provided by this Web site will allow you to gain experience from simple
dishes to the more complex. Once you are familiar with basic methods, you'll find these techniques
how to easily transfer from one project to the next.
In addition, PolyScience provides a powerful tool for cooking time and temperature reference chart
and our vacuum Kit applications 
The iPhone and iPad. Using these tools, vacuum cooking cooking
methods to further develop your skills and understanding.

The history of vacuum cooking
Although vacuum cooking is a relatively new form of cooking, for vacuum cooking cooking fundamentals
are ancient. Most cultures have the food is tightly wrapped, cooked traditional dishes for a long time at a
low temperature.
Vacuum cooking the modern era began in the early 1970 of the 20th century, when researchers at the food
and at France cooks When looking for a way to cook the foie gras, reduced product losses. They found that
by cooking foie gras cooking in vacuum, Greatly improved yield and quality can be achieved. Since then,
chefs were inspired to step back, To completely reassess how and at which temperature processed
ingredients, while retaining its integrity up, taste and color.
Vacuum cooking has become a top global standards in the kitchen today. Food lovers has long been a few
of the amazing flavors and cuisine Cooking implements and vacuum cooking chef texture. With equipment
and education is now easier for the home cook, Very simple steps to ensure perfect and repeatable results
vacuum to the idea of cooking for the family Cook Very attractive as well. This will add a new dimension,
many aspiring chefs cooking.