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Sous Vide Toolbox™ iPhone / iPad App

Demystifying Thermal Conductivity

The PolyScience Sous Vide Toolbox iPhone/iPad application provides the information you need
to make your Sous vide cooking experiences safe and successful. Available through the Apple
App Store for download, the Sous Vide Toolbox helps you determine the optimal Sous Vide cooking
and reheating time for a variety of foods at different temperatures.

Demystify Thermal Conductivity of Proteins and
Take the Guess Work Out of Sous Vide Cooking

The revolutionary PolyScience Sous Vide Toolbox iPhone/iPad application turns Sous Vide cooking
into an easy-to-control, exact science and opens great new culinary terrain for you.

Accurately predict cooking or reheating time required for a variety of proteins.
Easily create "what if" scenarios to determine how cook times would be impacted by changing bath
temperature just one degree or reducing portion sizes.
Delve into surface and core pasteurization variables to find the relationship between time, temperature
and the log reduction of pathogens.Just enter cooking parameters and start timer.
An audible alarm will sound when the preset cooking process is complete. Extended cook times can be
set to attain any desired level of tenderness. The program will even calculate the time needed for food
to remain in an ice bath to reach a safe temperature in applications where you want to cook then chill.
Simply enter the type of protein, shape, size, start temperature, bath temperature and desired finish
core temperature to instantly learn how long to keep food in the bath to achieve your desired results.