Smoking Gun

PolyScience® Smoking Gun™

1. applies to commonly smoked food
2. injection of cold drinks, soups, sauces and marinade in smoke

3. reached the desk of the guests ' gustatory, Visual surprises



PolyScience ® invention description to find new ways to express their creativity of the chef's cooking skills.
PolySciences core competencies in the design and manufacture of extremely precise temperature control
This ability leads Reston Philip many years ago supports exploring the first creative video cooking sous chef.
Today, the best cook in the world rely on this technology.
PolyScience ® is the first choice for its technique of thermal cycling and many great friendships have been
developed since then.
His passion for futuristic kitchen equipment has also captured the United States's top chefs,
Like Grant Achatz of Chicago's assignment. As the impulse to chef Achatz, Philip develops Anti-Griddle ™.
In recent years added more innovative culinary tools, Philip · Preston continued commitment to new inventions,
Get cooking chefs to express their ideas more culinary ideas.


PolyScience® Smoking Gun
Smoking gun provides an alternative to traditional smoking methods. Today regardless of salads,
chocolates, meringue, sauces, jams and fruit Reach new culinary unique feeling. Smoking gun makes it
easy to add flavor and adjust its intensity.
Combustible materials include various types of your choice of natural wood, tea, herbs, spices and dried
hay and limited only by your imagination.
Durable, holding a smoking gun, allowing you to experiment and create a signature culinary creations with
each service, low cost of just fourth, AA batteries.
Simply use your choice of fuel fill the smoking gun Chamber, turn it on, light with a match or lighter, and
you want to smoke.




Classic smoked, enrich your food
1、Apply is usually smoked food
2Injection of cold drinks, soups, sauces and marinade in the smoke
3Reached the desk guests taste, Visual surprises
4Hickory and mesquite: strong and earthy flavor-rich foods, such as beef, pork and vegetables.
5Apples and cherries: sweet, fruity flavor, cooked meat. Very good, whipped cream and cocktails.

"Accessories and specifications"
- Smoking gun
- Pressure kelijia
- The nozzle extension tube
- Fourth, AA battery
- Hickory and Apple wood smoke chips 0.5 oz sample tank 2 tanks
- Instruction guide
- Packing size: 25.4 x 23.5 x 5.7 cm
- Product weight: 0.68 kg