Our company was established in 1972 called NICEM SpA company. We are an Italy company design and
manufacture in many different fields And the application of modern and innovative devices, and provide tailored,
customized products to meet customers ' specific requirements and unique items Our factory covers an area
of 120,000 square meters.

Our organization consists of a main site, all product designs and local commercial network of subsidiaries and
distributors. Senago factory equipped with high-tech equipment sector, and in accordance with strict quality
assurance procedures to ensure full compliance with the Criteria to be applied before delivery all products in
special testing Chamber. There is also a testing lab, provide assistance with specific Quality requirements of the

NICEM SpA not only supplied the equipment. We are actually in the most diverse areas to provide customers
with complete solutions,Including consumables, as well as how to design specific solutions, in other words
able to provide global solutions to meet the specific Customer's production needs.
The company has expanded over time, and knows how to create applications and solutions, to meet different 
market needs。In the traditional main goal is the implementation of our corporate philosophy, by providing high
quality products and materials, we The biggest satisfaction. This approach enabled NICEM SpA continues to 
grow, and become a leader in domestic and international markets today, The company relies on a qualified 
technology and business management model, enabling it to offer customers maximum reliability and good quality
and Balance between pricing solutions. All equipment and plant used for production purposes in accordance with
EU directives complies with the current safety laws Planning and manufacturing.

We are divided into 8 lines
*UV coating machinery factory

Systems and technologies to finish the surface of Zn + Al + mg alloys, brass, aluminum, steel and stainless steel
processing, jewelry, and other industrial applications The metallic objects are also used in the same

Water treatment
Purification of wastewater generated during the process, systems and technologies, based on physical and
physical-chemical treatment technology
Centrifugal casting
Machines, plants and accessories, rotating low melting point of zinc, Tin, Crystal and for the small and medium-sized
ones, such as the production of shoes and leather Fittings, technical accessories, other alloy casting alloys pewter
items used, clothing, jewelry, belt buckles and metal small Shang Product.
*Silicone rubber
A wide range of centrifugal casting and lost wax casting or micro-silicone rubber casting
Artistic porcelain
Enamel metal parts of the machine and parts plant and grinding disc furnace, suitable for manufacturing center fans,
cutting discs and flexible/semi-rigid fiber discs
Plant and abrasive disc furnace
Suitable for manufacturing hollow piece, cutting wheels and flexible/semi-rigid fiber discs
Professional catering
Dry/Polish stainless steel and silver utensils in the glass drying machine, polishing and polishing cutlery kitchen
pans and equipment for decarbonization of machine equipment