Water bath box
Cooking bath box

Economy Precise Temperature Cooking Systems

(Water bath box+Cooking bath box)             

Polycarbonate shower box
Polycarbonate shower box
Stainless steel bath box
Sous Vide circulating bath
Double-wall stainless steel
coking tanks
Insulating Polypropylene
ball blanket
Protective shield Custom cut lids for 
cambro tanks

Polycarbonate shower box
The PolyScience integrated polycarbonate bath box system to meet the functional and excellent
appearance and interior designers the most demanding chefs. Fully integrated system 
professional chef cooking in vacuum and vacuum cooking professional artist series. For your
convenience, we design the controller so that it can rotate in order to optimize an existing 
The counter
space. In order to meet more of your aesthetic needs, we also combine attractive polycarbonate 28 l vacuum
cooking professionals create the ideal system for tanks, 
Even in a professional kitchen.

Stainless steel bath box

The functionality and great looks of PolyScience Stainless Steel Integrated Bath Systems encapsulate
both the timeless beauty and durability of sleek metal. The 28 and 45 Liter insulated double wall tank
configurations can be equipped with our Sous Vide Professional CLASSIC, CLASSIC PLUS or ARTIST
Series and loaded with great features.

  • Controllers are mounted to a bridge that allows them to be easily removed for cleaning
  • A generous bath opening in every unit provides easy access to food
  • Heat loss, temperature stability and evaporation are substantially minimized by integrated bath covers