We discussed about “how can we make single-finish Long Spin®”
on the meeting.
At coffee break, we saw the portion type of coffee creamer.

Even small
An Awareness for Oral care has been increasing recently.
Also keeping daily health management by “self-care” get general among the people.
Long Spin® are made by professional oral care technique of dentist and Japanese hospitality mind which we experienced by making in-room toiletry for hotels.
Because we diligently for materials, ingredients, and product process, Long Spin® are produced at our factory in Japan, consistently from first process to finishing process.
With mild natural water from Yoshino of Nara prefecture, and of course, medical ingredients such as CPC, xylitol are contained.
Long Spin® are chosen by International luxury hotels both domestic and overseas, airlines, and restaurants, also dentists.
Also not only professional use, it also becomes general recently.