Pacojet History
For 20 years, Pacojet is now cooking creativity without limits. Looking for the ultimate ice cream machine Switzerland
engineer weilian·maoleier developed in in the 1980 of the 20th century,A revolutionary new manufacturing technology of
frozen foods. Pacojet, which so far has been made exclusively in Switzerland Switzerland development experts.
Launched in 1992 by virtue of its global, a success story in the Pacojet established as a leader and indispensable food
equipment starting in the best Restaurant and catering kitchen is at home in the world. Pacojet today far beyond ice
cream and desserts in addition, kitchen all delicate and savory and sweet creations Ready to cook. Both delicious
starters or main dishes, exquisite intermediate courses, or enticing desserts in the Pacojet to do a good job.
New and innovative, they come from Switzerland. Manufacturers of high-tech Pacojet Pacojet generation device with
high performance models with the introduction in 2013, paragraph 2 of the next generation.
As a new original Pacojet 2 works with unique Pacossier in the process, also provides innovative technology updates
and advanced features.
Along with the Pacojet 2 chefs in professional kitchens demand now and in the future are very complete.


High practical value
Payroll costs
A Pacojet can replace the top of the dessert chef, alternative restaurant saves labor costs.
Pacojet is a user-friendly kitchen equipment, do not take up space and make a quick, easy clean finish.
Quality and efficiency
Cooking the best helper, research and development measures will not only help the chef and varied menu and can effectively
control the quality not vent is not a throw.