Sous Vide-Discovery

1. modern cooking an important technological innovation
2. familiar for precise, uniform
3. simple and does not need to guess
4. Cook completed sustainable heat insulation
5. soft fleshy without hardening of proteins
6. fruit and vegetable juices are not lost, no oxidation



PolyScience ® invention description to find new ways to express their creativity of the chef's cooking skills.
PolySciences core competencies in the design and manufacture of extremely precise temperature control
This ability leads Reston Philip many years ago supports exploring the first creative video cooking sous chef.
Today, the best cook in the world rely on this technology.
PolyScience ® is the first choice for its technique of thermal cycling and many great friendships have been
developed since then.
His passion for futuristic kitchen equipment has also captured the United States's top chefs,
Like Grant Achatz of Chicago's assignment. As the impulse to chef Achatz, Philip develops Anti-Griddle ™.
In recent years added more innovative culinary tools, Philip · Preston continued commitment to new inventions,
Get cooking chefs to express their ideas more culinary ideas.



PolyScience® Sous Vide-Discovery

Vacuum cooking is a method of cooking, in which food is vacuum sealed plastic packaging bags,
Then cooked at moderate temperatures, precise control of the water bath. Compared to other cooking methods
Vacuum cooking provides more control and allows perfect, Repeatable results. The method is simple and easy
to learn, spend a lot of the stress of cooking. 
Food can be cooked a perfect level for a longer time than usual to


Vacuum cooking benefits include:
* Precise cooked food and exquisite
* By eliminating the short window of time perfectly cooked low-stress cooking
* Guests can prepare ahead of time, and still taste delicious, even days later
* More stringent cuts in less-expensive services and delicious, tender and moist cut
The vacuum cooking recipe provided by this Web site will allow you to gain experience from simple dishes to the
more complex. 
Once you are familiar with basic methods, you'll find these techniques how to easily transfer from
one project to 
the next.
In addition, PolyScience provides a powerful tool for cooking time and temperature reference chart and our vacuum
Kit applications 
The iPhone and iPad. Using these tools, vacuum cooking cooking methods to further develop your
skills and understanding.





"Technical specifications"
Maximum volume brass: 20 liters (5.3 gallons)
Maximum pump output: 2 liters (1.6 gallons) per minute
Maximum temperature: 210 ° f (99 ° c)
Temperature stability: ± 0.07 ° c/± 0.1 ° f
Heating power (120V): 750 Watts
Menu language and tips: English
The minimum immersion depth:/8.57 cm 3.375
Timer: Yes
Overheating protection device
Unit dimensions (HxWxD): 14.125 x 3.875 x 7.375 inches/35.88 x 9.84 x x18.73
Unit weight: 8.9 lbs/inch 2.5 kg
Packing size: 16x10x8 inches/40.6 x 25.4 x x20.3
Shipping weight: 6.5 lbs/inch 2.9 kg