ρόδι-σύκο lovingly made in greece
New line of products with organic olive oil,
aloe vera and silk proteins.

Care and treatment of the Greek nature.
Pomegranate and fig known for their antioxidant factors,
olive extracts and provitamin B5 make a row
cosmetics that will fascinate you.
Combined harmoniously with vegetable gum soap.

organic olive oil

{Olea europaea leaf extract}
Extract from organically grown olive oil. It has strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect. Protects skin and improves the appearance of delaying aging.

{Punica granatum fruit extract}
Natural pomegranate extract. It has antioxidant properties, vitamin A, E and C give shine and enhance the health of hair and scalp.

{Ficus carica fruit extract}
Natural fig extract. It has antioxidant and beneficial properties that moisturize and nourish the skin making it smooth and firm.


Hair conditioner-50ml

Bubble bath-50ml

Body cream-50ml

Soap rectangle and round-25gr and 20gr