lovingly made in greece

Through our experience in the hotel amenities and remaining faithful to the quality and modernization required by hotel equipment, we present comprehensive proposals in personal hygiene products. Choose products from our lines and combine them with other types of personal care or create your own product with your logo.

Get all hotel equipment available products, cosmetic products and types of packaging and personal care. Choose the ones that will satisfy your requirements to better serve your customers by offering them the comfort and luxury they need. Emphasizing quality Greek products, we are able to provide you cosmetics we produce and pack in our area as well as other species produced by Greek businesses. All our cosmetic products are notified for the European CPNP Notification System under the EC of the European Parliament from 1223 to 1209. Our main aim is to ensure immediate delivery for you at very competitive prices.


Inspired by the fruit and aromas of Greek nature, combined aesthetics with tradition and created cosmetic products that awaken memories and rejuvenate the senses.