Glass drying machine

Glass drying machine

*Simple operation
*Save time and money
*Improve the efficiency
*Brushes in washing machine washing


Product description
We offer a full range, which makes hand-wiping and polishing the lens totally useless. Ground glass is very
easy to use, ensuring maximum hygiene and Sparkling, fine water particles and by rotating the lens is
heated by hot air brush to remove. Polished glass manual belongs to the past, and Save your time and
Glass dryers with five or eight brushes are ideal for all types of glass. Drying systems ensure maximum health,
and gives a clear picture of the completion, in addition to removing water marks and scratches. This eliminates
all the chemical residues of detergent, glass cups under the best possible conditions, ready to be used.

The machine is extremely simple and easy to use. Follow these steps to obtain the best results:
*Clean glass

Master glass base and insert it into the Central brush
Remain in the glass in the drying position for a few seconds
For flute glass stem brush it (Figure 1), with mastering glass from the base to dry Bowl (Figure 2)

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

Technical specifications
Manufacturer: NICEM (Italy)
Capacity: 350 per hour
Voltage: 230
Hertz: fifty-sixtieths
Watts: 1700
Weight: 15.5 kg
Overall dimensions: 32.5 x30x50 (h)
Net weight: 15.5kg
Brushes washing machine washing