Decarbonizing System-DECA510

Decarbonizing system

*Automatic double-stainless steel
*The operating costs are greatly reduced
*Easy to install
*Easy to operate
*Make the grease dirt and carbon residue, can easily
  be removed

Product description
The decarburization is an automatic double stainless steel to ensure perfect cleaning equipment, such as
filters, Fryer, electric ovens, burners, Grill and Rotisserie systems.
Wipe clean the sintered layer and fat, food waste is usually not the most challenging job in the kitchen.
Grime Reaper support this activity, or if it goes Even further: it also clear where you can't touch!
Grime Reaper is full of tap water is heated to 
85 degrees Celsius. In joining the specially developed detergents
"Garbo clean" system can be used.
The thermostat ensures that the temperature of the solution remains the same, so that bacteria cannot
grow. "Garbo cleaning" solutions gradually remove dirt.Sintering is a full and complete kitchen cleanup.
After use, the vessel can be rinsed with water or placed in the washing machine. "Garbo cleaning" solution
Active, and a month later, system speaks for itself and it must be empty. This can be simply poured through
the sewers because residues are biodegradable.

The advantages offered by the DecarboNICEM
Kitchen appliances
Aimed at making the grease dirt and carbon residue, can easily be removed without difficulty.
Decarbonization system/can the operating costs are greatly reduced, can reduce the time of consumption.
Easy to install
The machine is connected to the wall socket, the machine also equipped with wheels, so that it can be more
easily moved to the area.
Easy user operation
1、after filling the water container, preferably hot. Press the power switch, and wait until the machine reaches
   working temperature. And incorporated in the machine Hot water detergent.
2、place the dishwasher basket kitchen utensils you need to clean the inside of the machine, dishwasher
   basket immersion tank. Amount possible from half an hour to a couple of small After the time when, remove
   the dishwasher basket, rinse off oil with kitchen utensils
   The detergent is provided there is no risk, is an environmentally friendly biodegradable carbon removal system
   can be used for 30 days before the removal and replacement of the detergent

Technical specifications
Manufacturer: NICEM (Italy)
Voltage: 400 (three-phase)
Hertz: fifty-sixtieths
W: 6000
Inner dimensions: 110 x 56 x 90 (h)
Dimensions: 126 x 67 x 110 (h)
Content: 510 l
Maximum amount of detergent: 16kg
Unable to load weight: 185kg