*Quick and easy
*Exquisite taste and smell
*Compact, lightweight, easy to clean
*Save time and money
*Reliable results
*Unheard of delicious ice cream and juice ice-cream



Next-generation Pacojet2 provides users of innovation and excellence
*Value:Chef's highest expectations of perfect, food service system, strong and more ...
*Creative sports design signature gourmet, get the best, classic and surprise guests, cooking skills.
*Exquisite effects:nature, vibrant color, strong scent of Super fine texture and great taste.
*Profit Economics:save time, contain costs and reduce waste to maximise revenue.
*Quick and easy to clean:every automatic cleaning cycles for a minute.


Pacojet 2 development of innovation
1、intuitive, brilliant color display and touch screen controls with the symbol
2、a new, groundbreaking Pacossierfunktionen frozen foods:
     Classification and weight all one-tenth: allows precise and autmatischer optional pressure vent function during
     processing Pacojet may Pacotizing during a crowded Cup when control and accessibility and "Save" content
     automatically, without Thawing necessary glass.
3、clear user manual and custom settings:
  *Integrated manual with many illustrations in the display, for easy and complete cleaning cycle-health vision
     washing machine Pacojet-program 2.
    *custom settings according to your wishes
4、unmatched durability:
    *Exclusive, with the Pacojet brushless motor for development in Switzerland
    *Extended 5 year warranty: superior performance and reliability, sound quieter, almost no wear


Pacojet product advantages
You can let your imagination like a runaway Bronco ... These noble creation Pacojet's versatility can be adapted for
any occasion He can create for you: ice cream, smoothies, juice, soup, sauce, spices, steamed food and endless
possibilities of food.

Every time a perfect result
High-tech helper ... Pacojet manufacturing precision and durability are well known products from Switzerland.
Whatever you want to call any vegetable-fruit paste,Sauces, soups, mousse, Pacojet ice cream-you will provide you
with perfect results every time. Then, tens of thousands of chefs in the world.

Exquisite taste and smell
Directly from the gardens on the table ... CATCH fruits and vegetables taste freshness and intensity when they reach
perfect maturity and preserve the natural flavours,Nutrients, vitamins and minerals. With the Pacojet is ripe for the taste
and quality of natural culinary creations of the ultimate way. Farewell to preservatives, additives,Stabilizers and flavor

Market fresh flavor
Each season's coolest approaches for gourmet dining ... In the middle of winter from fresh ingredients works to your
guests! Pacojet simple and delicious, mature products,If this season. Tasted frozen confined for so long to save until
you want to impress your guests. Pacotizing and services, for example, it is a Surprise the refreshing taste of summer,
which flatter the most discerning connoisseurs of taste.

Unheard of delicious ice cream and juice ice-cream
Ready to PARTY, you can make the PACOJET remaining ... As long as the filter of your choice of fruit (edible bowls
so stay tuned), complete all the ingredients in a bowl and Freeze for 24 hours, and the next day in a PACOJET steel
Cup, choose a number of, look! Each has the best consistency, can now be served at ideal temperatures.

Fast and easy
Time is on your side ...Well Pacojet you Cup preparation, if you do less in the kitchen. Production quickly and easily.
Pacotizing you and your guests Before the arrival of your minutes to prepare, and may be consumed directly.

Compact, light weight, easy to clean
Everywhere ready to ... In order to meet the needs of today's mobile food kitchens. Pacojet is that only requires little
space and can be connected to a standard power supply Outlet of small devices. Which makes it very suitable for catering.
Cleaning in just 60 seconds at the touch of a button.


High practical value
Payroll costs
A Pacojet can replace the top of the dessert chef, alternative restaurant saves labor costs.
Pacojet is a user-friendly kitchen equipment, do not take up space and make a quick, easy clean finish.
Quality and efficiency
Cooking the best helper, research and development measures will not only help the chef and varied menu and can effectively
control the quality not vent is not a throw.





"Technical specifications"
Rated power:950 w
Power supply voltage:220-240 v/50-60 Hz
           90-120/50-60 Hz
Dimensions:498 x 182 x 360 mm (h x w x d)
Net weight:15.7 kg
Cup capacity:1.0 l (height: 135 mm, diameter: 130 MM)
Maximum filling capacity:0.8 l
Ideal Pacossiertemperatur frozen foods:-22 ° c
Rotation speed:engine:6000 rpm, Pacossierfl u gel:2000 go
Pressure:about 1.2 bar