Hotmix PRO Easy
*Make it easy for food preparation
Reduce your production workload
Enrich your dishes
Save time and money
Effortlessly increase your menu
Accurate and reliable results



Hotmix PRO Easy

Great HotmixPRO easy, unique feature is its ability to handle many types of food and temperature 130°c (266°f)
Such as creams, sauces and jams, for example-writing needs constant attention and repetitive process, to ensure
the success of the recipe to avoid involving the Many intermediate steps. Convenient because all these ingredients
into a bowl and achieve a minimum of difficulty, because Hyper-accurate temperature control The results you want.
HotmixPRO easy mixing bowl steadlily, and even to be selected, at the exact speed to immaculate preparation is
guaranteed every time.
Simple to set up and maintain an ideal temperature, the preparatory work can be meaningless without any waste
of time, and ensure the quality will never be lower than People's expectations. HotmixPRO easy, even for the most
demanding professional will be able to maximize the per dish is delicate because Built into the machine's precision
quality control. Is HotmixPRO easy food service professionals will be allowed to take care of a lot of work, Before
the really hard to do, due to a shortage of time and staff, but can now be menaged and ease of use, and quality
assurance, For example: create a new recipe. And it does not need to be everywhere, but more time was free to
focus on other things Seems to be complex and sometimes impossible, but simpler and faster in the future. In short,
the catering service can be strengthened, and increased Customer satisfaction.
HotmixPRO easy is one of innovation, with a special blade, design operations as a mixer for mixing of liquid, and
chop Any solid components of the tool. These features from the supplementary heating system that can be used
for warmth or cooking any type of food at a temperature of 25°c (77°f) And between 130°c (266°f), while hybrid
variable speeds.
Equipped with professional-level motor rated 1200W-10000 rpm-HotmixPRO ease of driving in blades can chop,
puree,Liquidize, mixed or no time to mix any type of food. What is more, graduate of food can have a maximum
of 2 litres Stainless steel Bowl. Many food preparation tasks are not using ordinary tools to speed higher than 3000
rpm, but with HotmixPRO easy,These operations can be completed faster, and does not affect the performance or
quality of the ingredients. 10000 rpm, processing time is reduced, And extract the compounds and ingredients to
a level to meet the special needs of every imaginable.


Unique! Set 19 functions in one

Cooking temperatures up to 130 ° c (266 ° f) and temperature can be under good control, bringing together in one
machine there are two very good Appliances: cutters and mixers, hotmix Pro is easy and very fast to set up raw
material and food recipes, drinks, half drinks, Sauce of mud, making them properly-use structure protects the flavor
of food.

Effective, fast and there is a very easy cleaning!
Hotmix Pro easy to use:
1、mashing, boiling, firing are crystallizing, blending, pasteurization, reduced, clarified, keeping heat, slow cooking.
the dough
cutting, crushing, mean value, beating, mixing, and more ... ...
Any of the parts in contact with food, and is compatible with all existing norms can be very quick and accurate removal

Reliable and durable!
security cover and the use of motor brake electrical safety and integrity.
two temperature control systems directly to the motor, a static (thermostat) is one of innovation, by a
  microprocessor,Can automatically control the power/temperature themselves protect the motor itself.
painted metal structure.
shock absorbing feet from shock, electrical appliances have to stabilize at high speed.
according to professional norms to establish, and cooked in a suitable insulation.
low tension control.
IPX1 protection rate against dust are dumping rate.

Creative and profitable!
Hotmix Pro easy enhanced the chef's creativity and performance the performance is not comparable,
Also reduces the external appliance purchases, and also be reasonable in the individual kitchens.





"Technical specifications"
Automatic storage recipe:none
Maximum temperature
Low temperature
Motor speed
60 minute Max 10000
Special programmes
Computer diagnostics
Cup capacity
2 litres maximum
Motor power
Heating power

Total peak power2000W
Available power
110V-> 240V
color coated steel sheet
LCD monitor
mixing steel Cup * 2, lid, measuring cup, mixing paddle,
        Blade, smear, special blades, steam basket.