Customer fascination is our main driver

IT: Gentili lettori, nessun anno è uguale all’altro: ciascuno presenta le sue particolari sfide e porta con sé nuove opportunità. Quello appena trascorso ci ha colmati di gioia e orgoglio ed è stato caratterizzato da una costante crescita, grazie alle nuove acquisizioni di Scanamenities e Pacific Direct. Ciò ha accresciuto notevolmente l’importanza di ADA International e ha creato i migliori presupposti per dare un forte impulso a un’espansione nel segno della responsabilità e della lungimiranza.

La nostra attenzione rimane focalizzata sul nostro core business, la cosmesi per hotel. Nei due centri di sviluppo, dedicati esclusivamente ai marchi di lusso e lifestyle, ampliamo costantemente la nostra expertise e rafforziamo il nostro posizionamento sul mercato, offrendo un assortimento straordinario che, nella sua ampiezza e qualità, cela un’approfondita esperienza nel settore della cosmesi.

Il presente catalogo è dedicato alla nostra divisione Lifestyle che rappresenta in maniera emozionante l’intera gamma di tendenze sociali e convince per la grande versatilità, orientata coerentemente alle esigenze della nostra epoca.

Scoprite il nuovo assortimento ADA Lifestyle e lasciatevi ispirare dalle sue molteplici sfaccettature.

EN: Dear Customers, dear Readers – no one year is the same as another. Each one has its own specific challenges, and each one brings new opportunities. When we look back at the past year, we do so with a sense of elation and pride because, due to the acquisitions of Scanamenities and Pacific Direct, it was characterized by growth. This has significantly broadened the global reach of ADA International and has laid the best foundations to drive the expansion of the business with responsibility and vision.

Our focus is still on our core business of amenities for the hotel industry. With two development centres – exclusively for luxury brands and lifestyle brands – we are constantly growing our expertise, strengthening our position in the market and offering a unique range of personal care products with the breadth and quality to provide that ‘feel-good factor’ in its most enriching form.

We are dedicating this catalogue to our Lifestyle Brands which capture the whole spectrum of social influences and celebrate trends with an impressive product selection geared towards the needs of our time.

Discover the ADA lifestyle brands now! We hope to inspire you with its variety and diversity.

Wilhelm B. Könning · CEO 

Ambitious research & development

A top team of chemists, biologists and marketing experts work closely together – evaluating the latest trends, interesting raw materials and dermatological insights. Client satisfaction is the most important factor of all. We will continue to invest an above-average amount in Research and Development.

  • Premium-quality, plant-based raw materials
  • Stringent testing of the suitability of new raw materials
  • Comprehensive application and quality testing
  • Strict compliance with quality guidelines 

Corporate values of international significance

Our position as the expert in hotel amenities is essentially defined by the expectations of our customers. Every day we ask ourselves which needs they have and what trends and innovative services are relevant and important to them. Being the first to respond directly to their requirements has allowed us to become what we are today: a business partner, innovator and an international player with a reputation for expert knowledge, quality, versatility and customised solutions.

These valuable attributes are helping us to take confident strides on the international pathway and to adopt a strategic approach to raising our global profile.

  • Outstanding industry knowledge based on > 35 years of experience
  • Proximity to the customer
  • Unique portfolio of Luxury & Lifestyle brands and dispenser systems
  • Innovative & quality-driven approach

Taking responsibility for our actions is a duty and a pleasure

It is our firm belief that success can only be sustained if a company also abides strictly by a code of sustainability.
As we look to the future, we also see ourselves affirmed in our position to take responsibility. The way we think about business and do business begins with the inner mindset of our employees, goes on to grapple with environmental concerns, and ends with reflecting on all the relevant social issues. We gather the best minds together and work on sustainable concepts which enrich the quality of life and protect the environment.

  • ADA Eco Charter
  •  Annual sustainability report
 Innovative ‚green‘ product offer ISO 14001:2015 certified

Hotel cosmetic products
made in Europe

... this applies to each and every one of the millions of cosmetic products that are distributed from our state-of-the-art production facilities. It translates into a highly technological production guaranteeing high performance, trustworthiness, flexibility and consistently monitored operations.

  • 11,000 sqm facility in Germany,2,200 sqm facility in the Czech Republic
  • Long-standing high-tech expertise
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified + GMP
  • Seamless control of manufacturing processes 

responsible living

Hotels are finding that their guests no longer merely want to consume. A healthy lifestyle, ethical and ecological values have increasingly become deciding factors for today’s guests. Body care products are expected to be kind, both to the skin and the environment. The brands of this category aptly fulfil these high demands.